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Why is items I am trying to buy from the store appear in 3 separate carts

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Why does it seem like there is 3 stores on the corsair site with their own items in them and when you try to add them the go in there own carts and can not be ordered at the same time?




I want to order this




and these back plates






But if you add them to the cart they don't appear in the same carts so you can not buy them at the same time and have to pay shipping twice or 3 times since they will not add to the same orders.




What is the deal? Also the store is a lot harder to find now since it has been removed from the main page.




I also ordered Items from the "outlet" store and they have not came and it has been awhile but the other stuff I ordered did come.....What is going on with the corsiar store? :confused:




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  • Corsair Employees
I am sorry but the system is currently not setup to combine orders, and we would not be able to help you with these questions on the forum. I would suggest calling our customer service by phone and see if they can help you with this. You can call the toll free number listed under contact on the main site. And if you are out side the USA you can call the toll free number using SKYPE for free.
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  • Administrators
You're on 2 different store pages. corsair.com/en is the global english site, corsair.com/us is the USA site. Stick within the same site and you can add all items to the same cart.



Also the store is a lot harder to find now since it has been removed from the main page.
Please elaborate. The store is the main site.
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Ok You cant buy the same items on the same stores.


1 store has some items the other store has other items. I wanted to buy a back plate with the order I did a few weeks ago but I thought there was none since they did not show up in search or with the other parts on the other store.



the back plate don't show under listing on this store under 800D parts.





But It does in the USA store...





I was hoping both stores would have the same items So I guess I will call the number I am in the USA.




IT was not labeled on the page that I was in "the store" already So I kept looking at the bottom tried the "where to buy first". then the tabs, I thought they was just product specs/info/listing pages that most makers have like nivida/ati list all the GPUs on the website they have but they do not sell anything they show on the site. and I was not aware you have to go into them to buy them so I was looking around for the "store button" tried the cart too. So then I just went to google and did a search of the site that way and found the stuff and I forgot how I got there the first few times.

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