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I am a long type corsair fan (PSU, RAM, CASE, SSD) and now I need a keyboard. Your K95 is the #1 keyboard in the world (more macro keys, better looks, great build quality) with mechanical keys, at least for me. Seems like a company is really HEARING people requests (about all mechanical keys etc).


This keyboard got real potential to became a best seller!


PLEASE Corsair, we beg you, the same way you released different locales for the keyboard, offer via your website the K95 with MX Cherry Blue switches! Offering the special editions only over your website heavily reduces the risk of unsold products.


I am a programmer and I need accuracy in a keyboard. MX Red switches provide speed over accuracy. Please, we really need a MX Cherry Blue keys edition for many many people who want to buy your keyboard and are simply not gamers.


You can crush the competition if you can beat long time players and make a far superior product than anything else they offer with your 1st try. Your 2nd try really brows them out of the water, now it's just marketing.


So, please hear the people who fell in love with this keyboard but want different MX Cherry Switches. As we all know, switches is a very personal thing.



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