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Missing Items 1 week no replies bad service

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I have been emailing no_reply@corsair.com for days with no reply. I am concerned.


This issue is:


I ordered a K70 keyboard and braided cables for a AX1200.

I got an email confirming the order had shipped

"Your Shipment #100021343 for Order #100036507 UPS track no. 1Z4VX5250440729958"

and it arrived a few days later (last Monday Australia time).


The parcel only contained the braided cables. The invoice with the parcel only listed the cables - no mention of keyboard.


After emailed twice to get no response to my questions asking if it will be sent seperate i get this on the 7th:

"Your Invoice #100021750 for Order #100036507"

It has no shipping number or ups tracking number yet it lists the whole order like the first email. It is not a reply to my actual questions but auto generated nothing.


The last two days I have tried sending about 10 emails to get delivery notification failures. I believe the last attempt at emailing has got through but still no reply.



I did not pay offensively high shipping with a 7-10 day delivery window to not get what I paid for (both from delivery time and main item) to be ignored.

Looking at the forums it is a common issue with Corsair.


Please show some customer love and let me know what is happening.


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I am sorry but no_reply@corsair.com is not a valid email address and the K70 is not in stock just yet. The system will let you pre-order products when there is delivery information available, however, the tracking information will not be sent until the item has actually shipped. If you still have questions about your order I would suggest calling our customer service by phone and you can call the toll free number listed under contact using Skype for free.
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I have received my K70 today and well so far I am happy with it.


I will say that Corsair make great products, that are for the gamer by a company that knows their market.

I did get two emails promptly from my concerns raised here on the forums


My issue's are this:


All the emails say questions etc to please email no_reply@corsair.com

-if it is not valid fix the email template. Also the phone number is wrong on the template too. Throwing it back at me and expecting your Australian customers to call a USA phone number during USA time is nonsense especially when the only way to know the email is not valid is to complain on forums.


I got an email indicating that both items shipped together.

-this could of all been avoided had the email been correct and said the K70 was on backorder AND if the 2nd email did not list both items again under a new order number despite already receiving the first item.


I am not impatient I just had no idea what was happening because of the way things were done and the fact it was painful to clarify.

Having customers spewing on the forums to get answers/noticed is a shame considering how awesome the products so far seem to be.

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