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Scrolling Issues with Raptor M3 and M4 mouse

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I am having an issue with my Raptor M3 and M4 gaming mice with jerky scrolling. It only happens when scrolling down, but has happened with both mice, and it will be jerky (scrolling up and down at the same time, or even scrolling up when it should scroll down).


The M4 worked fine for about a month, and the M3 only worked fine for maybe a week. Since this has happened with both mice, and also happened to another mouse that I had for 6 years (which is what prompted me to buy new mice in the first place) I'm not sure if it's an issue with my PC (I don't see any drivers for these mice) or that I'm just unlucky with hardware.


I emailed Corsair Tech Support and never heard back from them at all, except for my ticket # (6014474).

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