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Corsair AX 650 gold modular problem


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Hey guys,


my PC does not start up when I press the power-button. I have to earth the PSU to get it running. I did the corsair paper clip test, here is the video:



I dont know what to do now. I already contacted corsair, but all I got from them was a UPS return sticker (no good support corsair, really not good!).


The PSU needs to be replaced, the problem is, that I need it for work, so a time-out of my PC would be very bad. Is it possible that they send me a new one before I send the defective one back?


Other question: I cant find this PSU in any shop anymore. Why had it been taken out of commerce?


Greetings from Germany.

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I tried to contact the Live Support, it was offline so it opened up a new RMA by default.


I have to say, that I didnt add a lot code to the first RMA, because I didnt know where to find it. The lot code has been added to the second one.


My problem is, that I have to plug in the power cabel several times to get the PC started. In the Video above I made the paper clip test and it failed, so I can foreclose that another component is causing the problem. Now I hope for an answer.

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