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Previously stable AX 850 now clicks, shuts down when switched on


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I have an AX 850 that has been stable for over two years, powering an ASUS P7H55 board with an i3, 8 GB, plus four hard drives and a DVD burner, in a 700D case. Totally stable.


I'm in the process of upgrading to a new motherboard with an 3930k (I think) plus 32 GB of Corsair RAM and an ASUS GTX 660.


So I started by plugging in the GTX card into my existing motherboard. First I got a text message on my monitor saying that I needed to plug in the PCI-E connector. Ooops!


Once I did that, I could not power up the system. Instead, the case fans spin for about 2 seconds, and then switched off.


As a note, before I plugged in the PCI-E cable into the GTX card, there was a LED glowing red. Once I plugged in the power cable, the LED turned green.


Is the problem with my power supply, or my GTX card?

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Sounds more like MB to me, but could also be either of your other components too. Are you sure the MB is good. Have you had it running yet?


Can you test the GPU in another system? same goes with the PSU?


Might be worth bread boarding your original config to test each component. That would be about the only other way to figure this out. apart from just replacing pieces at random.


But I can't see the PSU going bad just from switching systems.

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That would suggest it is sensing a short and preventing the system from powering on. Can you test the system with another Video card?


Yes I will do that, but the situation is actually a bit more complicated.


The currently installed motherboard has onboard video. Recently the video output became irregular. But, this motherboard also recently experienced a failure of the onboard LAN, and I just got an RMA from ASUS.


However, this is where it gets interesting. I removed the new video card and tried to boot up the motherboard using the onboard video. First there was no video output, but the system appeared to be booting. I have an SSD for my boot drive, so I could not detect any drive noise as part of that process.


I just tried to boot up a few minutes ago and now the power supply just clicks and shuts down, the way it did in my first email.


So what do I do now?


In response to an earlier posting, I could take the video card from my wife's system and test it in this system, but only if I can get the system to power up.

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I agree with peanutz94 that might suggest the MB is the issue. Have you spoke to them about this?


Well, it turns out that my wife is thinking more clearly about all this than me. Over dinner, I kind of "unloaded" in detail about all these system problems. She had known in general that I had a motherboard stop working completely.


So, this kills me to have to admit this. She said, "Why don't you just put in that new motherboard (the one from my upgrade project that got interrupted) and see what happens." :eek: :eek:


She's right of course, so right that I had to tell her that. :o: And up to now, she has thought of me as this "genius" type who keeps all the PCs running, fixes her system whenever FireFox acts up. I'm sure all you guys know exactly what I'm saying here. :o:


So I'm pretty busy for the next 2-3 days, but as soon as I can do the motherboard swap, I'll report back here. I'm sure hoping that it was the existing P7 motherboard that just shorted out completely, so that my Corsair AX 850 and ASUS GTX 660 are both OK.

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