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Today I just bought my first Corsair product, and it seems really nice!

But... I already have some problems I need to fix.

I've done everything that the instruction said, let it get some charge in 4 hours (I did it 6 hours) and plugged all the USB stuff in.

But still, the audio don't work.

I've reinstalled the driver and rebooted alot of times.


Does anyone have a solution to this? Or is it common been seen before.

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Did you select the Vengeance 2000 as your playback device? Is the LED on the dongle a solid blue?


I selected it as playback device yes.

The USB is blinking if thats what you are talking about.

I saw something about a clip, but i don't know.

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  • Corsair Employees

Turn the headset on by holding down the button until the blue LED comes on and starts to blink.


If that doesn't help, try to repair the headset and the dongle. Here's how to do it:


Turn the headset off by pressing the power button until the blue indicator light below the power button goes out.

Insert the wireless adapter into your PC's USB port.

With the end of an unfolded paper clip, press the recessed pairing button on the wireless adapter.

After about ten seconds, the indicator light on the wireless adapter will blink rapidly.

Press and hold the power button on the headset for about ten seconds, until the headset indicator light blinks rapidly.

The light on the wireless adapter will go solid blue, and the light on the headset will flash slowly (about two seconds between each flash)

The headset and wireless USB adapter are now paired.

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