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Dell Inspiron 14z (5423) 16GB?


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I have a Dell Inspiron 14z (5423) ultrabook with an Intel Ivy bridge CPU.


My question is: This laptop will working with 16GB RAM? (CORSAIR Vengeance CMSX16GX3M2A1600C10)


The dell site said Max memory is 8GB, but the Dell Customer Service said 16GB. I am a little bit confused about it. Please help me.



I try the Corsair's memory Configurator, but no succes, because it is calculating only with the older (Sandy Bridge) version 14z.



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The most memory I see suggested for that system on Dells site is 8 Gig total 2 X 4.0 Gig modules and if its a first generation Ivy Bridge it will have to be 4.0 Gig modules made with 256M X 8 memory IC's. I would suggest calling Dell and see what they can offer for that system before I ordered other memory. But if they offer a 16 Gig set for your system the any 16 Gig set should be compatible.
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