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Raid 0 Seems Slow with Two SSDs

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Hello, I've got my two Corsair SSDs today and I used hardware Raid 0 with stripe size of 64K to install them. When I ran the ATTO Benchmark utility the speeds were about 200MB/s. This seems pretty low to me as other websites have about 500MB/s (with raid 0). Although I do use SATA 2. I've tested a 4GB file from folder to folder and it started at about 150MB/s and slowed down to about 100MB/s. Are the 100-150 speeds normal for a Raid 0 SSD on SATA 2 or should I try to fix something? Also I would like to know the proper method for garbage collection since the TRIM function is disabled, do I log off and just let the PC sit there for an hour or two? If you have a suggestion please tell me, thanks.
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