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H100i fans sound like a...


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At 900rpm they emit a buzz sound. The buzz is much louder than my other fans around the same speed.


At 1300rpm they sound like a tractor in the distance.


At 1800rpm they sound better, but louder obviously. Low buzz sound but less audible due to fan noise.


At max rpm one of them sounds really good. Very loud for me, but a very pure fan noise. The other one makes an even more loud and whiny buzz. Still audible over very loud fan noise.


If I stop the 2 fans, my PC sounds silent.


These are the 4pin PWM gray fans.

I am using the 1.0.5 H100i firmware, the latest Link software 2.3.4816, and USB 2.0.0.


What should I do?

I just payed $10 and waited 2 weeks for this problem...

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