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brand new c70 has stripped mobo standoffs


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So I bought a c70 to replace my old (and not big enough) cm storm enforcer mainly because I was switching to a custom watercolling setup and needed more room, plus the case is bad a$$.


I started to mount my mobo and after about the 3rd screw i came to a standoff that was stripped. It was stripped from the start as I could not even tighten the screw at all even from the start (not from over tightning) I skipped over that hole and went to the next one and after a few more screws came to another stripped one. After I was done there were 3 or 4 (it was late last night, cant remember exact and at work so cant look) holes that did not have screws because they would not even hold a screw, completely stripped, it was like Corsair didnt even tap these standoffs they were so loose.


So now I have this beautiful c70 with my motherboard mounted and computer put together with about 3 screws missing, the motherboard feels plenty secure but it still bothers me, and what was Corsairvthinking by using FIXED standoffs so I cant even replace them. Sure I can use a little plumbers tape/tinfoil/glue on the screw threads and secure the last few screws but I dont feel I should have to. I also am not fond of the idea of an RMA and having to take it apart, ship it out, and wait for a new one.


Anyone else have this problem? What would you do? Go through with the RMA? just leave the holes empty? or use some glue/tape/etc.


Also does anyone know if there actually is a way to replace one of the standoffs on this case? I mean Corsair must of realised that standoffs can be stripped, especially after multiple uses...


Sorry bout the wall of text.



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my C70 came with a box of hardware and it included 4 motherboard standoffs so you must be able too replace them, my C70 had a round tipped stud in the center instead of a standoff to put a screw in and I was told if I wanted a screw there too remove the stud and install a standoff, but the round head stud works good for support of my motherboard so I didn't remove it. the SKU # on the box of hardware is CC-8930026. LOT #12508807. did you not get this box? if not contact corsair.
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