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h100 cleaning question


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While running the vacuum, a careful application of a pipe cleaner through the radiator vanes will dislodge dust that is stuck to their surface. Just be sure to put a loop on the end you are holding, so the vacuum doesn't suck it out of your fingers. Won't hurt the radiator, but you'll have to go spelunking into the vacuum to retrieve it.
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Would it be safe to use a vacuum on the H100 radiator when I clean it?


I live in a hot and dusty city (summer temps reach 109 F/43 C in the afternoon) and my PC gets quite a few dust bunnies. Regular cleaning is required every 4-5 weeks.


My solution to clean a PC of dust and the rad is to use a blower (not a vacuum cleaner) and it works wonderfully.


The best way is to blow against the direction of the normal flow of air. If your rad fans are mounted to push air, then the blower should push air from the opposite direction. This will force out any dust.


Just make sure that you hold the fans so that they don't spin wildly at very high RPM or the bearings could get damaged. Take a soft brush and brush away any dust stuck to the fan blades and fan casing.

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