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Keyboard design suggestion


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I'm currently using a competitor's brand, but those who know it's a duck. I've tested Corsair's Mech Keyboard and unlike other brands whom I have no means of communicating, I'll share my ideas here.


Mech keyboards are way easier to type with, but having used all kinds of keyboards, there's generally one huge problem with mech keyboards. The keys are not ergonomic. It's not designed for comfort, perhaps wasn't even considered. You may have a wrist rest which is really nicely designed, but consider the scenarios during usage. The fingers are either idle or typing.


When fingers are idle and is awaiting to make a move, the thumb generally sits on the spacebar. To sit your thumb on the spacebar, you have to ELEVATE the thumb because of the height of the spacebar. Over time, elevating is not going to be comfortable and I'm already developing some pain. It's even worse on my duck keyboard because I'm taking 2 steps of stairs from the table to the base of the keyboard and then to the spacebar since this brand does not have a wrist rest. It's one step for corsair since there is a wrist rest but still discomforting to the thumb.


If you consider the world's biggest software maker -- they make keyboards too, their keys require a lot of effort to type but when idle its comfortable -- because their keys are low. For certain models, the space bar is inclined from the palm rest.


If you're willing to listen to my idea and experiment, I'm gonna grab a K70 and RAMGUY you could arrange to send me a prototype spacebar. OK perhaps getting ahead of myself, so do you first find this agreeable?


After that you'll have revolutionary capitalism with keyboards while my thumbs are saved.

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I wouldn't be able to get you any spare keys (we don't have them). However, since we use Cherry MX switches, it wouldn't be difficult for you to fabricate one or get one customized through sites like WASD I'm sure.
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