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New memory compatibility question ...


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I have an Asus Rampage II Extreme mobo with the 2002 bios.

I don't need a newer bios because they are only related to newer cpus.


I need to get more memory so I am interested in purchasing 'CMT12GX3M3A2000C9'.


Will this memory run at speed on my mobo? :confused:



Windows 7 Prof. x64

i7-965EE @4.0


I currently have Corsair 'CMG6GX3M3A1866C7' and one stick is acting up.

This memory has been running at 1866 for many moons.


Since I only have 6gb now I wish to get 12gb.

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It will depend on the strength of the memory controller in your CPU. The only way too know is to try them. If you can get 1866mhz running smooth , you may have a chance.


You may want to update your BIOS anyway even though it says it for newer CPU's they often add compatibility for newer modules too. ASUS is very poor about BIOS update details.

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