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550D rubber fan mounts

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I have a Corsair 550D case.


The problem I have is that the door mechanism has broken on a lan party (Just opening and closing the door). For this problem I can order

-Obsidian Series 550D accessory kit (including screws)


But I cannot order those rubbers where the fan screws go through and mine are broken. (8 out of 24) Can i buy them anywhere? I cannot just leave them out because screws will fall through the holes.

I'd like to have 12 or something in case they break again.


Is it possible to get this shipped within The Netherlands? There is an RMA centre in our country because I had to send my broken ram there once.


Im a little dissapointed in the quality of this case but I like the looks and size and its quiet!

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  • Corsair Employees

I would suggest requesting an RMA using the link on the left and explain what happened and what you need in the problem description. Then post the case number and I will see you get what you need.


And when you tighten the fans screws do not over tighten them as that can cause the gourmets to compress to much and damage them.

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Hello Ramguy, i made a ticket which has the following number: 6014286


I have radiators in my case in push, i think i broke those rubber gourmets broke because my srews were a little short.

I'm going to place them in pull with the screws in the package from corsair to prevent destroying more of those rubber gourmets.

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The clip above the usb3.0 to 2.0 converter is broken.

But the ticket handler said that the rubber grommets are not available as spare parts. But the C70 has this in the accesoiry kit.


Ill make a picture how it is broken off. (The part that clicks on the case pin has broken off the rest)

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  • 2 weeks later...

My door is fixed:biggrin:

But the RMA handler said that it is not possible to buy seperate rubber grommets. :[pouts:


As long as I leave the side panel closed this is no problem but they do wear out when radiators are fixed. Screws are a little short/smaller then fan screws.

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