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Updating Force 3 Force GS 120GB firmware


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I have seen in the forums before, that the firmware updater will not work with the X79 chipset that I have on my MB. Also downloaded and installed the new Corsair SSD Toolbox, but now I'm reading that it no good for SandForce drives.

What's a guy to do?

My question is can I put this drive (as the second or D: drive) in my old P-45 chipset PC and update the firmware.

Again, it's the boot drive for my current machine running win 7 and is having issues which are usually fixed by powering down. Sometimes the BIOS just loses the drive and again fixed by powering down.

I have firmware rev 1.3.02 and I'm hoping the upgrade will sovle the problems, but the only way I can see to do it is putting it in another machine as the secondary drive.

Any suggestions?

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I changed the partition on the SSD to inactive, stuck it my P-45 machine as the second drive, booted to XP Pro 64 bit and did a sucessful firmware update.

We'll see if it solves my issues of, sometimes the SSD disapears in the BIOS and sometimes, it appears to freeze (doesn't just, slows to a crawl, as other descriptions,I've read).

Anyway it's good to know that, at least for me, the fimware upgrade appears to have been succesful, by putting in another machine.

Also the sandforce updater runs fine in XP Pro 64:sunglasse

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Uh that method include large amount of physical work need to be done. Id like to prefer mouse-clicks.


1. changing SATA driver in device manager (see below for details)

2. reboot.

3. close intel rapid storage software.

4. update FW.

5. changing SATA driver in device manager back to intel.

6. reboot.

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