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Firmware 5.05a not updating on Corsair Force GS 240GB?


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Hello community,


First time here on Corsair fourms, and hope I can get an answer to my problem. I got my Corsair Force GS for about half a year already, still running great. And I have noticed the firmware update 5.05a as well. I downloaded the correct firmware for my SSD, using the Sandforce update tool. It did finish update(as the drive's green check mark appears), but when I click on rescan drives again, it still appears as Firmware 5.03. I check it with Corsair SSD toolbox, and CrystalDiskInfo, both are reporting that the drive is still on 5.03. I am using the Dell XPS 8300, with A03 BIOS, the specs should be shown on my profile. Can anyone help? If you need additional specs, tell me and I will let you know.

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