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crossfired gpu and link


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been having problems with a game I was playing the graphics are horrid so I thought I would knock off the crossfire as some games don't like it. and that's when my problem got worse . after I knocked off crossfire both my gpu's in the link software stopped showing just flashing red. so I restarted my crossfire and they would not start up again in the link. tried restarting the services in the general options a couple of time did not work removed my saved profile and tried restarting the service again did not work then looked in the devices tab and all had gone. had to totally uninstall corsair link then restart my pc and reinstall corsair link again and start over. so is there an fix for this or will I have to do a fresh install every time I play a game that does not like crossfire any help is welcome thanks
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  • Corsair Employees

I suspect yes that you will need to uninstall the current version of Link and reinstall to over come this; there may be some detection of the hardware configuration that happens when the program installs and if you change the configuration it may need to be re-installed to re-detect properly. I have however sent a message to our software team to look into this and confirm.

Can you give us more details about the system IE

C-Link Version installed:

C-Link enabled devices installed:

Video Driver version:

Video Card Firmware or BIOS:

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