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H80i not running correctly


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Hi i bought a h80i off of a auction website that stated the unit as new with no components missing just a scuffed box.


I received the item and was very satisfied that the unit was indeed new and not been fitted as the heat transfer paste was untouched and all the bags was intact.


I watched a few videos on the installation to get a idea before carrying on and once fitted i was very impressed with the quallity of the product.


But to my dismay it doesn't seem to work as i think it should and through searching through this forum i think i have covered the basics.


from the very first moment i booted up one fan sounds like it's at 100% and the other one goes for half a second then stops. This happens with the fans swapped over on the Y cable from the pump but the other fan goes 100% etc


the led doesn't come on and the comp won't pick up the usb cable either, i have tried a different cable in all of the 8 rear slots and the 4 front slots.


the pump is working and cooling very well i am quite impressed with it but not with it not working.


i have also been into bios under system health to see if the cpu fan speed is registering and it's at a constant 0rpm


the CS link software does not pick up the pump or fans either.


Please help i'm not sure what to do.



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Well, if the USB does not work then the system will not display the info for you. You will need a new Unit. I also think you should try to contact the Seller for a new unit or a refund. If that is not an option, you should call Corsair and ask them if they will allow you to use the Warranty.
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Well it's my own fault for thinking i could get something a little cheaper than normal. The auction site is what we all use mostly and paypal would cover me. The problem is the item was sold as like new but in the small text there is "all items sold as spare or repair". i have sent paypal and the seller a msg but i really don't expect to get anywhere. If not i will contact corsair but don't hold any hope....
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