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Fans for Cooler Master 690 II Advanced


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Hi, I was looking for some Corsair SP/AF fans for my CM 690 II Advanced case, but I'm not sure what to get and how to set them up.


What type of fans fit on the front, and what kind of fans should I use for the front - static pressure or air flow fans, and should I use my front fan as an intake fan or exhaust fan?


Also, the fans at the top of the case, should I use those fans as intake or exhaust?


For information, I have a Corsair H60 cooler, and I'm using the fan on it as an intake fan.


I only want to replace the front fan an add two new fans at the top. Maybe I'll add some more fans later, but it's too expensive for me right now.


I want the Corsair SP or AF series fans, but I'm not sure which ones to get.

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