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M65 Scroll Wheel Issue

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Hi Guys,


this is my first post so apologies if this is in the wrong place but I purchased an M65 Mouse about 6 weeks ago.


I absolutely love it but its developed a weird "knocking" sound when I scroll up on the scroll wheel. It doesn't do it when I scroll down and all the other buttons work fine. It also causes the mouse to vibrate in my hand very slightly and I'm pretty sure it didn't do it when I first got it.


Its only had light use for browsing and a bit of Sim City/Minecraft so not like its been abused.


Is this likely to be something that I can request an RMA for? im in the UK so not sure if that makes any difference.


Thanks in advance


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Yes, you'll pay for shipping to Corsair and Corsair pays shipping for the replacement unit back.


If you would like to get a replacement mouse (a new mouse) that has been tested by Corsair before sending it to you, Contact them.

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