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2009 MacBook Pro (5,2) w/ MCP79 negotiated link 1.5 Gigabit.

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Recently acquired a Corsair Force GT 120 GB SSD for my MacBook Pro (5,2) and I am having an issue with it performing at SATA I speeds. I am aware of the issue with the nvidia sata controller and I have been browsing for 2 hours now without a solution. Everything I have come across is about a year old so I was wondering if a solution or some update from corsair has come about that I am not aware of.


As of now I am running the latest:

Corsair Firmware: 5.05

Mac OS X 10.8.3


This negotiated link speed being at 1.5 gigabit is annoying. I have tried resetting the SMC, PRAM, reinstalling OS X, disconnecting the CD/DVD drive, and no help. Anything suggestions?

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Hello all,


So after looking around online without a solution I was forced to think for myself. I came up with an idea where I would switch the location of the SSD with that of the CD/DVD SATA cable. I acquired an OptiBay or DataDoubler type of add on and installed the SSD in the CD drive bay area. I then switched the original 7200 rpm drive over to the original location as a spare data drive and booted the MacBook. To be honest I didnt think that solution would work, but I figured I'd give it a try. Anyway, I went to the system info app under about this mac and checked the negotiated link. To my surprise it displayed a negotiated link of 3 gigabit. I ran a speed test (blackmagic) and I got speeds higher than SATA I (150.5 write, 258.2 read) so I knew it had worked. I don't how and I don't know why this worked but I figured I would share my solution with the world.


Also, rebooting doesn't seem to change the negotiated link speed and it has remained at 3 gigabits for quite a while now. TRIM has been enabled and I am off to enjoy my SSD. Thanks.


Oh yeah, please note that I am running OS X 10.8.3 and SSD Firmware 5.05 (updated with windows).attachment.php?attachmentid=12650&stc=1&d=1367913581


- Javier


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