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Carbide 200R Front I/O Panel problem with USB 3.0


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I do have USB 3.0 Front Panel problems with my Carbide 200R case (similar to others here in the forum with other cases):


One socket works fine with all USB 3.0 devices so far, in the other socket USB 3.0 devices are not recognized - or if they are recognized, various errors occur when accessing them. USB 2.0 devices seem to work fine in both sockets.

The USB 3.0 19-pin socket on the motherboard looks fine, no bent pins. All devices operate faultless in the USB 3.0 sockets on the back.


I just submitted an RMA, hope that a Front Panel replacement will resolve the problem. Hope to get an answer soon.




PS: Sorry for the pure title, unfortunately I haven't found a possibility to change it.

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I purchased a USB 3 front panel for my other computer and I was having problems with it as well. It was an Antec three hundred but I purchase the USB 3 front panel. So now with this Corsair 2000R and I am having problems again. The usb 3 hard drive works fine if I plug it in the back. USB 2 flash works without any problems in the front. But when I plug in this 1TB USB 3 external drive, I get the message: could not find item..this is no longer located in F: (USB 3 hard drive) . Verify the items location and try again.


I don't get this message in the other computer with the usb 3 front panel but it just conks out. But again, it works great in the back. So I can’t blame the drive. I just gave up and have USB 3 cable plugged in the back with a female end. I guess I might have to do this as well.


It just seems strange that I have 2 different motherboards where the front USB 3 panel doesn’t work. The other one is BIOSTAR TZ77XE3 and this one is listed as GIGABYTE GA-Z87-D3HP. I am just beginning to wonder if this is a common problem with these front header plugged into the motherboard. USB 3 for me has been shaky anyway. It is nice when you can get it to work.


In other computers that I added USB 3 pci-e cards, it took me awhile to find one that worked. I was directed towards TI chips and, so far I bought 3 of them for other computers and they seem to work but I have about 3 that didn't work with NEC chips.


USB 3 is nice when it works. I never had much luck with e-sata which seems to lack consistency; The port and cables are terrible. I was glad to see USB 3 come around but disappointed in how inconsistent it can be as well.

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