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ax860i fan constantly spinning at ~1900rpm


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Hi, i recently bought a new ax860i and after connecting i have the problem that the fan is constantly spinning at almost 2000rpm without ever stopping or even rotating a bit slower. Otherwise the PSU works just fine.

The self test seems to work fine. When i disconnect everything and press the self test button for ~2secs the green light switches on and the fan starts spinning. Also monitoring the watt usage shows that my system uses roughly 110W in and 90W out so this should be fine too. The temperature of the PSU is constant at roughly 24C. I think the problem could be the motherboard since it is quite old. It is an Asus P5P41D so i thought to ask if this could be the culprit, but as far as i could figure out, the fan is linked to the thermal sensor, so correct me if i'm wrong but i think the PSU should stop rotating. What can be the cause of this problem.

Thanks in advance

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