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Stupid Support, I need some real support that doesnt take a year

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Hello, my name is Chaython Meredith.

I originally ordered my H100i on January 9th 2013 (day after my birthday).

Since then I have nothing but issues with the product. I have kept a close eye on the support forum since I bought it always looking for new updates ETC. Once I saw Ram Guy say that there was replacement PWM STOCK FANS I have been contacting Corsair Support trying to get my hands on these fans. On April 26 (2 Months later [whole time working to try to get my fans]) corsair had finally worked with me providing me a tracking code. For 2 replacement fans on Thursday, May the 2nd at approximately

11pm (Mountain Time) I checked my tracking code and it said it was delivered http://i.imgur.com/d8x7RCe.png This information is inaccurate. According to UPS it was shipped to my postal code T1H0R8 but it is not here has not been here and was not signed by me. Under "signed by" it says "FIELDS" why would I sign as Fields? I only sign as chaython meredith I am very disappointed that anyone can sign for a product now-a-days. I have tried re-reply to the corsair.force.com ticket but it has taken over a week to get a reply from your new force.com . I have also messaged UPS's Local Store they told me to contact UPS.com so i did first from their twitter @UPSHELP ups's twitter then told me to email them at a different area so I did. Since then that email said they would redirect my email once more. Currently this has gone no where and for the past 3 months I have become very impatient with this low quality product and better yet support.


I hope to accomplish the ability to at least be able to receive the original PWM replacement fans. 'N maybe some compensation for all this B.S. I have been going through for the past months.



Other info:

Current Ticket: 6005132

Origional: Tech Support Express Case [5741417] (Through the classic Corsair.com support I have had multiple other cases but there is some info for you) and they provided me a coupon code(not sure if that case or not) so i "bought it" but it has never shipped and status is still "Ready to Ship"

UPS TRACKING: 1Z966E656777429123

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