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AX750 dying slowly!?


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My second Corsair PSU and Im very disapointing, cause is the second one with problems.


This time my AX750 works fine, but if something unusual happen like a power loss, the PSU dont power on again... I have to disconnect the cables and connect all over again to get back to work, but it takes a long time to get back to work cause i have to try this procedure a lot of time... sometimes I have to try the next day it very weird. There is energy in the MB cause my CPU cooler blinks when I connect the cable and turning on the back button, but it doesnt POST.

SOmetimes it works and everything get back to normal, I turn off the pc in windows and start the pc again wihtout any problem... but the last time windows was restarting the pc and then i heard a beep and the psu doesnt POST...

I tried another PSU and everyhting works perfectly but with AX750 I have to wait and try to connect and disconnect the cables....

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