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Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600 8GB 8CL on Asus Maximus Extreme


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Well i bought the other day that RAM and i cannot make it work......

I get message failed to overclock etc so i figured i could need some help from the experts.

Default options cannot seem to make my pc stable :(

So some BIOS setup could be really usefull! Thanks

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Could you please fill out your system specs in the drop down menu and also provide as much detail as you can as far as what you have tried and not tried? Without knowing any of your hardware or what steps you have taken it would be just about impossible to give you any sort of help.
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Well i did fill all the specs. To begin with i did remuve my old pair of Asus memories. They were 2x1 GB at 1333 by default and never faced a problem.

I putted the Vengeance and pc started. After some time blue screen and restart on its own.


Anyway the thing is that some times they sync on their own without me touching anything at all on BIOS and they run at 1600 as they should. I see all that in the post message screen, you know the black one :)


Well even though windows boot after a while, again a blue screen apears and pc restarts.

Most times though i get an error saying overclock has failed -> Load defaults to continue... So i choose to run defaults and windows boot with memories synced at 1333. Even then the pc again crushes.


I do not mind even if i used those memories on 1333 its just that all the overclock thing the pc is doing it on its own. So i get system fail all the time.

Well i did try to adjust some BIOS Values but i had no luck :(


I did not change any Voltage values just the frequency, the cpu ration some things like that. Nothing worked and some times i have to manually restart....

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Sorry Billakos, I missed your reply somehow... but any way the vengeance memory is not compatible with that CPU.


See, the older Core2Duo's have a memory limitation of modules that are constructed of 256MB IC's and the Vengeance modules are constructed from 512MB IC's that are going to be too dense for the memory controller to handle. I believe this is why you are having so much instability with them.


Here's a quote from RamGuy regarding this subject. Although this thread refers to the x48 chipset it would still apply to you with the x38 chipset that the Maximus uses.


Originally posted by RamGuy:

I am sorry but I would need to see both sides of the modules and the label before I could confirm it would be compatible. And I am sorry but you have a MB that is more than 6 Years old in design so we are not making memory for past products only current products.

The way you can tell by looking at the module is with a little math if its a 4.0 Gig module and there are only 8 IC's on the module that would be made with 512M X 8 IC's IE 512 x 8 = 4096, so you want a module that has 16 IC's IE 256M X 8 = 4096.



You might have a hard time finding compatible memory...at least performance memory as most other manufacturers have moved to the higher 512MB IC"s too. It might be time to think about upgrading your MB/CPU sometime in the near future.

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