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How do I find out what the memory specs are that I've actually received?


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Hi Guys,


Hopefully an easy question for you to just tick off. I bought some Corsair Dominator Platinum 1886MHz recently. Various upgrade issues meant that I've only just managed to fire up the machine, and the bios is auto configuring it at 13xx Mhz (can't remember the last 2 digits).


Is there a simply way to validate that I've been sold the wrong memory, as opposed to just that I have it incorrectly configured. I tried telling the BIOS that it was 1886Mhz, and it refused to switch on.


It might be a shipping error on the part of the distributor, or an error in how I've set up the system, so I'm hoping there's some tool to verify it. Would CPU-Z so it? If so, what do I need to look for?


Any help would be appreciated,


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All memory will default to either 1066 or 1333mhz in your case when first inserted until otherwise changed.


You need to enable the XMP profile in your BIOS to get the memory to run at rated speeds. Then you could run CPUz and look at the SPD tab. The DRAM frequency should read 933mhz in your case. 933x2=1866mhz. Since DDR stands for double data rate you double that frequency for your actual frequency


Is there something on the stickers that would make you think you have been sold the wrong memory?


If they are true Corsair modules the rated speed will be printed on the labels.So if the labels say 1866mhz then they would be 1866mhz modules.

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Thankyou, I really was being silly there. The obvious answer, as provided was to check on the label. It is 1866MHz RAM according to the label.


I've posted my specs (EDIT: found out about the part number)


It sounds like I'm just being paranoid, and I need to find the correct settings for this thing. Thanks for your help.

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