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This Used to work. . .now I need help please.


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Hi All.


I am in some need of professional assistance. . .for my Link commander :)


I used to have it all running quite well with a few exceptions that I was happy to work around. . . but now I have some major issues.


So the previous working setup included:

Link Commander Firmware: 2.0.6

Cooling Node Firmware: 1.1.12

Software version: all as they came out (including the latest 2.3.4816)

there were 5 3 pin fans and 2 temp sensors (not that I really used to the temp from them)


This was working just fine, temps go up in CPU or GPU and fans in the associated areas speed up to assist in cooling.



Then I was seduced by the greater control of fans including PWM fans, which I have gotten some of (Geek girls give the best gifts ;))

This was the update of the cooling node firmware to 1.2.5


It all went horribly wrong with the node bricking and the happiness of a replacement that then did update with no problem.


Then I have just put the new fans in with the new node and played about with the custom profiles so that they operate over quite a large area of RPM to keep it really quiet at idle (500rpm) to supplying lots of air when it gets hot (1800rpm).


There were some issues with a couple of my 3 pin fans making funky whirring and clicking sounds and they vibrated lots at lower speeds. . .so I moved them onto cpu headers with the LNA attachments from my noctua PWM fans.


ANYWAY. . . .all was going well the fans were responding to all the changes I made and to the temps of the associated heat sources. . .


but then I played a game. . .and none of the profiles worked!?!


so I hooked up a second monitor to look at the corsair program and see what it was doing while I was playing the game. . .I also set a fail safe on the GPU to set all fans to full when it goes over 55 degrees.


I played 3 games, all FPS Crysis 2, Hard Reset and Dishonoured


I watched as the temperature reading moved up to 60 degrees in some cases and the fans remained at there low setting until it hit 55 degrees and they went flat out (until it dropped back below the threshold, then they slowed a bit but didn't return to the super slow state but hung around about 1100 rpm)


there was no gradual increase in fan speed as per the graph, it was like it was just ignoring the whole thing.


After exiting the game I found that if I selected the "Quiet" profile and then went back to the custom profile the fans would drop back to the low custom line.


Sorry for the long spiel but there was lots to cover, can you help me out with why this is happening and what I can do to rectify the situation


Best Regards



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I am not sure how that will help as it will return to the slower speed when the temp comes under the max value. but I can do it and see.


The problem is not with the notifications, that part seems to work just fine. . .as I said, when it hits 55 degrees, all fans do actually go to full speed as I want.


the thing that isn't working is the gradual increase in fan speed as the temp goes up as per the graph of the custom profile. . .I cant tell on the performance or balance because the lowest value in those profiles is above the fans max speeds and the silent one doesn't have much room to move.


the fans are controlled perfectly when not in game as far as I can tell its just that they dont want to follow the custom profile curve.


is there anything that I can do to get them working





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So you are using the Custom fan mode.


Can you make sure the fans are grouped to the GPU temperature.

Have you tried adjust the temperature range and RPM? e.g. increase/decrease some values.

Run Furmark and see if the fan speeds gradually increase.



Note: If you set a GPU fan to a custom profile, balanced, etc, take note that the software may/may not be able to control the GPU fan.

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Yes I am using the custom fan mode, as the other modes aren't making use of the fans quieter speeds and I don't think are responding either :(


The fans connected to the link are all in the GPU temp group (2) or the HDD temp group (1). I have a H100 but I have left it unconnected for the moment as I feel that it is doing a better job isolated from the commander.


There are 2 temp groups that appear, most often 2 sometimes 1 but I do not have any temp probes connected to the cooling node! I just ignore them as I suppose they are some kind of glitch. . .I have never had a temp probe attached and the values that are presented are both 0.


I do not see, and wasn't expecting any GPU fans presented in the link software. By GPU fan I am saying a fan that comes pre-installed on the graphic card. I was assuming that it would be controlled by the graphics card and not the link software. I have no desire to control that fan as It seems to be doing a good job by itself :)


This is to differentiate from case fans that I have installed and connected to the link cooling node that provide cool external air to the vicinity of the graphics card. These 2 fans I do see and can control. . .just not via the custom profile while I am playing a game :(


I can set the values of the fans to any RPM and they will spin at that rate. . .I think that it can even do 0 rpm although they get all twitchy like they are trying to start and I don't like to see that so I usually change it to a min of 300 or 400. not sure it will hurt any of the components.


I can set them to any PWM value (from 40) and they seem to do that fine too.


Likewise full speed is up to the indicated max speeds of the fans.


If I take away the grouping for the fans they will drop to the lowest value of the custom profile curve (400) and then I can select quiet and it speeds up more to this new low value and the balanced it speeds up more. so the control of the fans are quite dynamic. . .when I am not in a game.


When I play game I have the link software open on the second screen and I can see the temp increase up to about 60 on the horizontal axis, yet the fan speed remains constant on the vertical. . .falling very far under the curve of the custom profile curve.


(I think that it the correct way of stating it, the temp moves from left to right as it increases and the fan speed would go from bottom to top. . .but in this case it isn't moving up or down when playing games)


For the moment when I want to play a game I manually set the fan speed at a higher rate in anticipation of better air flow.


I hope that gives a better picture so I can get some answers






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Ok so after the replacement Cooling Node the fans don't move up based on temp. but they will change speed on different modes but won't move up on custom.


Based on your last post, You had to take away the grouping for the fans and the fans lowered its speed. That would be normal as it's not linked to a temp device (e.g. GPU Temp). If it was grouped to a device, the fans should move based on the temperature point and the assigned RPM value.


Can you post a screenshot of the your custom mode settings?

Is the Cooling Node on 1.2.5?

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yes the cooling node is 1.2.5


The fans that I am concentrating on are 4 pin PWM fans


There are a few images that show the movement of the fan speed in idle and after several mins of game play. As you can see there is minimal movement I think there is 90 rpm in the balanced but the other 2 are way less than that. So it seems that this issue is spanning across all profiles, not just the custom one. Its just that the other profiles don't have the range that the custom one has, so its less obvious but should still increase at least 500 rpm from idle to HOT.


When I am not in the game and I switch between the profiles, and the PWM set values, the fan is very responsive and will get to the specified rpm in a couple of seconds. The idle screen captures were literally done within seconds of each other.


As for the rest of the information you can see what the profile is and what temp it is bound to. I didnt need to change the temp from being the GPU.



On another note I did notice that the LED on the link controller box went out a couple of times as I booted. . .ie the machine was off, but the led was flashing (as I expected) then I turned on the machine and about the time I logged on (entered password) the LED went off :(. it was unresponsive as the link software was opened (fans were at 0)


It only came back on after I had not only shut down the machine but turned the power off at the wall for a min or so.


stranger and stranger


anyway can you help out with the profile following?









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How many times has the Commander Unit turned off?


Can you try these settings and run a game? Do the fans start to vary speed?


Temp RPM

Point 1 30 600

Point 2 42 800

Point 3 47 1000

Point 4 50 1200

Point 5 51 1300

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Hi toasted,


I have put in your settings and there is no change, the fans are happily sitting on just over 600 rpm even though the temp has gone up to 58 degrees


I really couldn't say how often the controller light goes out as I am not in the habit of watching it and I usually play games perhaps twice a week, the rest of the time is just work or other CPU intensive stuff that is isolated to the H100, and that seems to be doing OK (I can hear the fans spinning up).


but since this morning it has failed to start 3 times today, this morning this avo and just now in altering the settings of that profile. I would usually only power on 1 or 2 times a day and I turn it off at the wall when I am done (after a successful shutdown) no point in paying for standby electricity :)


do you have anything else to try?





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Hi All,


The results are in. . .


Frank28, you have defiantly hit the nail on the head.


installed 2.2.0 and it works as intended. I'll even go on to say that I believe that the funky slight whirring vibration sound from some of my fans seems to be a bit better too. I guess its subjective but It was suppose to be an issue with the cooling node at version 1.2.5 so don't bank your hopes on it.


I also installed 2.1.1 and it worked just as well, so I don't know what happened to the latest revision.


I'll still be interested in hearing about the polling that the 2.2.0 does to the storage devices. . .I don't know if i will effect the longevity of my SSD, does anyone know about this ?


Oh the temps of my HDDs don't work in 2.2.0 but do in 2.1.1, not something big but I did have profiles based on HDD temps :(


Thanks guys for your help





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  • Corsair Employees
We will have a newer version of the software that should address most of these issues, but at this time I cant say when it will be available. On the fans making nose: Did your unit come with 3 Pin or 4 Pin fans?
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Hi Ram guy,


a new version of the software would be very good, now I will be holding my breath until it comes :)


there are 3 fans that are currently connected to my cooling node 2 are 4-pin PWM (bitfenix spectre pro PWM and a noctua NF-A15 PWM)

The third is a 3 pin cougar CF-V14HB.

These are 140mm system fans.


I don't have my H100 connected to the link commander because it was causing other issues in my system (before I updated to the latest version) and the unit seems to control the fans better by itself. I have to original H100 with the 3 pin fans.


The main issue that it had when the H100 was connected to the controller was that it would not boot because the CPU fan would be reporting as not operational. The CPU fan was actually the probe to specify the pump speed and I know that it WAS operational.

Take the connection to the link commander away and all was reported correctly.





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Hi Ram Guy,


My cooling node is already on 1.2.5 and the fan that has the most noise is the spectre pro (PWM)

the 3 pin has a bit but not too much, the noctua is perfect. I guess that it is noticeable because the rest of the machine is really quiet.


once the next set of software is out I imagine that it will be all good :) perhaps a slight cooling node revision too so that all fans are equal. :) I would like to reconnect the H100 at some time too. While it does good on the silent profile. . .the commander can make it quieter! or used to anyways :)





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