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Bad ram service of corsair service center in chandigarh, india

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From the past three weeks, i have given my RAM for replacement and until now, I haven't received my RAM back . Stupid customer care representatives always ask me to come and collect the RAM the next day but they never had my RAM, i think that these jerks might have lost my RAM and now are just making lame excuses . You can find all the necessary details in my email as follows :




" Sir



Ref No : EOC-230413-12100


I had given my corsair XMS DDR 3 1600 FSB RAM for replacement on 17th of April in your service center in city Chandigarh and until now , I haven't received the replacement from corsair and your stupid customer care representatives always keep on saying that the RAM will reach the next day. Why do they waste my time by always asking me to come and collect my RAM the next day when it has not reached them. I think that these stupid fella's might have misplaced/lost my RAM and now are just making excuses, I want the concerned authorities to look into the matter and provide me my RAM ASAP.


After all, corsair has 5 day replacement guarantee for all of there products all over the world, then what in the hell is wrong with Kaizen Infotech . Are u all that much lazy that it takes you about more than 3 weeks to replace a RAM.

What in the hell is the use of your corsair's lifetime warranty service , if cannot replace the products on time.


If you people think that you can try to befool the customer by making lame excuses then let me remind that consumer forums are always there to set you people right. How long does it takes to ship an item from Bangalore. And if it really took so long then why in the hell are other service centers able to replace their products within 2-3 working days. They also have their offices in Bangalore and replace the shipments from their only.



I would never purchase any corsair product again and would recommend others to do the same.CORSAIR and its SERVICE CENTERS ARE JUST AN EPIC FAIL.


I want my replacement RAM to be handed over to me today itself else be ready to face the consequences.

I wont's be hesitating to register a case for fraud against your service centre




I had sent this mail to them 4 days ago but until now i haven't received any response or reply from their side.


I would never purchase any corsair product further and would recommend others to do so.

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  • Corsair Employees

I am sorry that you had trouble with the reseller in India but they are not Corsair it is a third party company and I have sent the Service Manager a message asked him to look into your case and get it resolved ASAP.

I would expect to hear from them in the next 24 hours to get this resolved.

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