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M60 Extremely high sensitivity randomly ingame


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I'll be playing an FPS game, and it will randomly become extremely sensitive for a few milliseconds... like, I will be turning, and depending on how fast I am moving my mouse, the mouse will move so fast I can't even keep track of where I'm facing. If I'm not turning sharply but rather running in a straight line, it is only just noticeable, but if it happens when I turn sharply I will do possibly multiple spins and end up facing somewhere I don't even know, leaving me to get my bearings again and continue... and I'm a very high sens gamer, so it really is an issue :(


It'll do it at least once every minute or so. I have tried to recreate the high sensitivity out of the game by just moving my mouse in a circle, but I don't notice it...


I plugged in my old mouse, and it works just fine, so it's not a PC issue.



I had it replaced after the common scroll wheel issue, now after a few months, if the mouse isn't randomly becoming unresponsive, it's doing this. I've never seen so many different issues in just two peripherals (the headset is equally frustrating. But that's another story).

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Turns out it's only this mouse that is affected but it only affects one game (mw3). I looked around mw3 support and people say it's to do with the mouse software - other brand gaming mice are affected, but like me, only mw3 is affected... so that's really weird.


Any ideas?


So right now, I'm playing with a headset that constantly dies, an internet connection that seems constantly congested, and a mouse that doesn't turn properly. And each is of top-end quality... or supposedly.

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