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Msi Twinx1024


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Hi, I just recently bought a new system and I'm having two big problems. The first one is that my mother board doesnt detect my sata hard drive and I've tried installing winxp and hitting f6 and installing them there but it just freezes at the setup screen. Secondly, when i start my pc there are 2 long beeps that happen every 5 seconds or so but all of the reviews I've read said that the board and ram are compatible.


If you can help at all please do and you should also know that I'm not very computer literate (I know some but not A LOT) so as much detail as possible is greatly appreciated.



MSI K8T Neo2 F

AMD 3500+

Ge Force 6800 GT OC (BFG)

2/512 TWINX1024-3200 PCT DDR400

Western Digital Raptor 36 gig

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