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Still 1.3.3 version and can not update FW ...


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First of all my English is not that good sorry for this.


I have a problem with my Corsair SSD force 3 signature (22788). I can not update firmware i tried many times and many ways . I am doing the same as i read on your forums and i can see done mark but after this shen i try rescan it still says 1.3.3 version. And i think my ssd works slow. A little help will be good really .



Motherboard also have latest updates ... :bigeyes:


One more thing Windows gives 6.9 points for my SSD ...






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I dont know much about BIOS settings but i can send their pic to u and 1 more thing u can see my motherboard there and i marked my ssd slot there. I m using 2nd slot on motherboard. I changed something on BIOS and i have AMD sata controller on device manager now . As i said i dont know much really sorry :sigh!::sigh!::sigh!:




On motherboard slot 1 is my 2nd HDD and slot 4 also my 3rd HDD




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