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H80i & Corsairlink


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I had to RMA my H80, and what was sent back was an H80i. Not a huge surprise since the H80i is just an updated version of the H80.I got it all installed and hooked the H80i up to the Commander with the same 4 wire cable that was used for the H80, and nothing. It's not detected in Corsairlink at all. Shouldn't it work this way? What's the latest Firmware version for the H80i? The only thing I can find is for the H80, and I can't find the actual files, just version info.
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Corsair Link Software Version 2.3.4816 With support for Windows 8


Windows 8 Support

New Hardware Detection and Monitoring Engine

Firmware flashing to Commander units prior to firmware 2.06 now supported

CPU temperature for all AMD platforms now supported

Device Icon’s now have three selectable sizes

Communication between multiple devices has been improved


Corsair Link 2.3.4816


Firmware: Corsair Link Firmware 2.0.6


Please Note you must delete any saved Profiles and uninstall the old version and reboot before you install the latest software





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Did we miss something here? The only problem is the H80i... I'm already on Link 2.3.4816, Commander v2.0.6, cooling nodes are on 1.2.5 and the lighting node is on 1.1.9. The H80i is on 2.0.5. Is that the latest?
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The latest FW for the H80i/H100i is 1.05.


It's a known issue, There has been issues with the Hydro Series i coolers being detected when connected to the Commander Unit. It's best to use the USB LINK Cable for now until a fix is out.

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