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Strange Distortion


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Recently i have been receiving really strange distortions of some kind.


I first noticed it when on black ops 2 when moving between the highlighted menu text, the sound would just produce a distorting sound with a hint of crackling.


At first i thought it was it being off the charger and maybe its almost dead, but again it still continues.


Now i have noticed it on spotify as well and being music its definitely standing out more.


has anyone had this "experience" before?


Random Info:


Its the Vengeance 2000.

I have tried the usb in different slots.

This distortion has not happened from the beginning.

I have full charged the headset.

I format alot so its always installed on a like new pc (usually)

I do have a laptop i can try it on, but being from the dark ages i don't trust it :D:

I have the 2.0.7 drivers installed.

Volume isn't playing at a low setting windows at 30%.

Running windows 7 64.

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