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Adding AF120 fans to a 600T SE


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Hi, this is my first thread here and I'm not 100% sure if this is the right section, so if this isn't, please inform me.


Anyway, I was interested in purchasing a 600T Special Edition (looks amazing) but have 2 questions:


1. I was thinking of buying 2 2x AF120 High Performance Edition packs and using 2 at the front as intake fans, and the other two at the top to exhaust (basically where the 2 200mm fans are at stock). Would that be possible?


2. Are the AF120 fans compatible with the integrated fan controller?

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Welcome to the forum!


The 600T has a 200mm intake, so you cannot natively mount 2x 120mm fans in the front unless you mod the case.


However, there will be no problem mounting two of them on the top as a exhaust.


With the SE case, you do get a mesh, and if you replace the acrylic windows with the mesh, you can add upto 4x 120mm fans on the side and have that 200mm one in the front; all blowing air inside the case.


Regarding compatibility- as far as I know, all fans are compatible with the controller, but you may want to ask how many fans can be connected into the controller itself. Hope this helps! :)

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