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POST issues after replacing power supply


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I posted this as a support ticket (6011304) but thought I might be able to get some help here too...


I just replaced my old ToPower 500W PSU with the HX750 and I'm having issues with my PC booting.


The symptoms are as follows:

- PC will be very slow to POST (over a minute before the screen displays anything and the display will only be from the onboard video). Sometimes it doesn't POST at all.

- The GeForce 8800GT connected to my PCI-E slot won't display.


The troubleshooting I've done so far is:

- Connect the old power supply again - Fixes the issue

- Unplug the 8800GT and just use the onboard graphics - Computer posts immediately.

- Upgraded BIOS to the latest version - Same problem

- Reset BIOS to factory defaults - Same problem

- Tried a different video card which doesn't require the VGA power - Same problem

- I've confirmed there is 12v coming from the P4 connector


In all tests I have had the VGA power connected as well as the 24pin and the P4 connector.

The symptoms seem to be the same as what they would be if the P4 connector wasn't connected, but it seems to be working fine as far as I can tell.


The troubleshooting I've done seems to point to the HX750 as the cause of the issue although I'm not really sure how. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.




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I havent seen one of those boards in years! I suspect that the issue is that board uses an older ATX spec than what the new Corsair PSU's support. Basically making them incompatible. You may have a hard time finding a suitable PSU upgrade for that aging board.


You could try returning it and or RMA'ing it for another PSU and if you get the same symptoms that would give you your answer but i'm willing to bet they would act the same way..

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Hey peanutz,


I took the PSU back to the shop today and had them test it. Turns out the PSU is fine and you were right.


While I'm quite surprised that a board from '09 isn't compatible with a current PSU, it did prompt me to upgrade to make the PSU work...


Hello i7 3770K! :)


Cheers for the help!

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