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HS1A cracked plastic within a year and now loosing sound too...


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As the subject suggests firstly the plastic around the swivel area of the cup cracked on the left cup and eventually broke I used cable ties and parcel tape to hold it together so I could continue to use it and it was less than a year old!

Now the braided cable has twisted so many times it appears to have broken a wire as it is now not functioning all the time in the left ear. A fiddle with the wire fixes the sound but it’s hardly a solution for an FPS gamer or anyone for that matter. This headset was purchased from scan.co.uk 26/03/2012


Have to say I am a little disappointed at this point I expected more from Corsair this is now the third item I have bought from Corsair recently that has had issues within a year of purchase, some of them even had issues within the first few weeks.

First it was my ssd drive second one eventually fixed with firmware after I had to have the first one replaced. Then my k60 again eventually a firmware fix came. Now a headset this is not making me comfortable about buying future products of yours or recommending them to friend and I have to say since I already have and they took my advice I am wondering if I made a mistake there too.

My friends usually listen to me as they know I have a relative clue what I am talking about so its a little frustrating to find that my recommendation might be a little premature.


I should add I have submitted a request for an RMA on this headset but either way I will need to purchase another headset in the meantime since I dont use pc speakers at all as well as pay for the return assuming I get an RMA this is very frustrating to say the least.

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