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K70 Question

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So I am really interested in buying a K70 as my first mechanical keyboard for gaming, and I am wondering if the Black K70 uses red LED's or if its just red keycaps? I have a corsair M90 (Blue/Black), my case is Black w/ blue fan accents and the only odd ball is my Genius speakers which are black and red. I would really love to be able to have the black/blue keyboard. Would getting custom keycaps with blue letters work? or because of the LED Placement just fall flat? I'll probably get the silver/blue K70 just to keep a trend. The K95 could be another option with the white led's but it won't have the same glow i assume as the silver/blue K70. Also can't wait for reviews for the K70's and for the silver/blue to be available (hopefully on amazon so i can get my free 2 day shipping!)
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