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H60 hight temperatures


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I just bought my new H60 and I'm getting really hight temps with it. Idle temps are around 35-39 and under full load (prime95) i get something between 78-85.

I bought this because I was planning on OCing the CPU, but now I'm struggling under stock clock.

So I have a Carbide 500r case, and i mounted the radiotor to the back, and the fan as an intake. I have a 140mm fan on the top as an exhaust.

My CPU is an i5-3570k, at idle its running at 0.9V, 1.6GHz, full load at 1.13V at 3,8GHz turbo.

I tried reseating it several times, applying thermal paste (Cooler Master IC Essential E1) using different methods (different size dots, X, line). I tightened it as much as I could, the only thing I can think of is it's not making full contact.

As for the fan speeds, pump 4600 idle and under full load, fan 1000Rpm idle, 2000Rpm under load.


Could you give me some advice? Have I done anything wrong?

Thank you

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Okay it's definitely a contact issue, under stress test I pushed the heatsink to the CPU with my hand and the temps dropped about 20 degrees! I just don't know why, because I can't tighten the screws more. I have ASUS P8Z77-V LE PLUS motherboard.
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