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Corsair SP/AF fan rings and sticker swap (for intake fans)

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Using your lovely Corsair fan as an intake but can't see the color matched rings, except an ugly rating sticker? Look no further, swap them around!!





What you'll need:


Scotch Tape (clear)

Black Sharpie Pen



First, remove the ugly fan rating sticker on the exhaust side of the fan and Corsair logo sticker in the front with your fingernails (if you've got any). Swap them around but throw away the rating sticker you if don't need it.



Next, place the ring on the back as flushed as you can by matching the shape of the ring to the shape of the fan itself.



Now, get some clear Scotch tape and stick lit like so on the sides that don't show when it's installed in your rig. For example, I put this one on the bottom of the fan because no one will look under my fan anyway.



Color the black side of the clear Scotch tape with the black Sharpie to hide the ghettoness.



I've applied more tape where it can't be seen while installed in the case.



You don't see the tape. But since I taught you how, you can see it...or can you?




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