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M65 problems FIXED!


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Well, atleast one huge problem that I had and I think everyone is taking about... I got my mouse today and was like "damn.. it looks extremely nice, but it feels so weird" and as a top gamer I need it to be precise and follow my moves.. SO!, I went to some aim training and it was just.. ****!


I fixed this (which I think most of you guys would call "floating feeling or whatever you called it in past threads") by downloading the drivers and removing one extremely stupid thing to put on a mouse... it was called "Angle Snapping" download the drivers and turn off that ****!.


Hope that It helped some of you.

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Thanks for sharing the solution!


No problem, glad to help.


I was thinking about all of those problems with the weird floating feeling everyone was talking about, and I was like so angry when I first got the mouse, that "Angle-snapping" thing really should not be turned on by default when you get the mouse, it is horrible.. but now, I love it.. great feeling and a great look.. also bought your Corsair Vengeance MM200 XL mousepad and it is very nice!

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bought this mouse 2 weeks ago. And I actually felt that a 5 year old cheap mouse was better. The problem was that it had a floaty feeling to it. I could not even use it in regular work stuff, neither in games.


After reading this I turned the Angle snapping function off and it actually feels better at low DPI settings now without the floaty feeling to it. Altough in higher DPI it still doesn't feel smooth.


To sum it up.

Going to try with snapping off a while to see if im satisfied.

Thanks alot for the solution :).



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Check your Mouse settings in Windows.


Control Panel>Mouse>Pointer Options>untick "Enhance pointer precision".


Again this has nothing to to with Enhance pointer precision or bar 6 in windows as it was pointed out many times over.

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