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I am very disappointed in your CS team


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April 9th, I've opened a ticket asking if I can RMA one RAM stick because one stick had stopped working, after about a week my request gets accepted and I get sent an email with further instructions. Now my request got accepted without any warnings or comments.


here is the copy of the request

"2 weeks ago, my power supply died on me and I received a new PSU yesterday, when I booted up to windows it showed me that I only have 4 gigs of ram usable out of 12 gigs installed. Today I tested all ram sticks and all except one work, when this one is being used I am going down from 10 gigs to 8 gigs usable. What can be done? is it possible to RMA one stick?"

My request gets accepted after about a week, then the following saturday after it is accepted I go ahead and send in the RAM stick, 2 days after it arrives I get the following message:




We have received your RMA which is obsolete/discontinued and no longer available for replacement. As per the Corsair Warranty, we are able to offer you alternate replacement of similar functionality and capacity. Please confirm at your earliest convenience the following items:


Returned Product: TR3X6G1600C8D G

Returned Qty: 1 Module

Potential/Alternate Replacement: CMP6GX3M3A1600C8 (We need you to send in the remaining module(s) in order to issue you the replacements)



RMA Service"


Now to which I responded the following

"I wasn't told of this when the ticket was opened, you guys approved my RMA without telling me the product is discontinued, it isn't my fault - I did not know of this. I can't send in the remaining modules, it is another 12 dollars shipping which I already paid to send in one stick, if you pay for the shipping I will gladly send it otherwise I will accept one CMP6GX3M3A1600C8 module. Again - I was not told of this, I specifically asked if it were possible to RMA ONE STICK and my RMA request was APPROVED without any comments or warnings."


6 days later - no response. I will not spend another 12 dollar shipping for not being told by you when I requested my RMA that my RAM product is discontinued when i specifically asked if it were possible to rma ONE STICK



RMA NUMBER IS: 6003528

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  • Corsair Employees

I am sorry but with matched sets they can only be replaced as a set this is not new and you should have received a message to that effect.

I would suggest calling our customer service by phone and request an advanced RMA with the use of a credit card they can send you the replacement before you send the failing modules. I will send them a message for you but this will need to be handled by our customer service over the phone.,

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I will not pay for return shipping as I already said before, you guys should have told me this when I requested the RMA initially, the only failing module is the one I sent, the two other ones work perfectly fine.
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