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SP AF fan advice for 800D case


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HI im thinking of replacing my stock fans on my 800D need some advice on what to use my current setup uses a H100i in push & pull top mounted sucking air in back fan the 140mm is sucking air out the lower 120/140mm? sucking air from the lower part of the case and also the fan on the side of the HDD hot swap bays. Im thinking of getting a Corsair link & lighting kit to manage the fans. anyone got good suggestions for improving air flow and fan setup?


thinking a SP fan for where the hot swap bays are i think its a 140mm fan and not sure if there is a silent SP fan?


AF140 for the back fan sucking air out of the case


AF140 for the divide to the PSU pulling air into the case from below


SP 120 Quiet for the lower two bays in the PSU area


H100i is currently setup with 4 x Stock PWN 4pin fans not planning on changing this as I get excellent temps when idle and on load 34C on load and 24C idle

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