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Corsair Link not detecting AX760i PSU


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I just bought the AX760i PSU. One of the main reasons was the monitoring features that the Link software provides. But the CorsairLINK 2 version 2.3.4816 won't detect the PSU. No info anywhere, no Power tab.




I've noticed that the dongle led lights red all the time except when rebooting the machine, then it turns green at BIOS screen and then turns red during the Windows (7, 64bit) loading screen.


I've also noticed that Windows recognizes the USB dongle as a "CP2103 USB to UART Bridge Controller" and wants me to download the drivers from the Silicon Laboratories Inc. website. I've installed this drivers then removed them, removed the device, then reinstalled the Link, reinstalled the USB dongle drivers, several times tried all combinations. Windows always detects this device as a USB to UART Bridge controller and doesnt accept any other drivers than that from the mentioned website. I even disconnected the dongle from the USB port and tried another port, shut down the computer, tried again, nothing works.




I also have the H80i cooler and Link works fine with the cooler, just not with the PSU.

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I had profiles and deleted them, it was one of the first things I tried after reading these forums a lot. After that I (many times) reinstalled the correct version of the Link as is defined on the official page of the PSU (http://www.corsair.com/us/power-supply-units/ax-series-power-supply-units/ax760i-digital-atx-power-supply-760-watt-80-plus-platinum-certified-fully-modular-psu.html). It is the version 2.3.4816 - that I got installed.


I always install as admin. I even get the popup that wants to install the USB drivers, of course I click install and I can see the drivers in the "Add/Remove programs" in the (Windows) Control Panel.


Nothing has helped so far.

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Can you unplug the dongle and see if the device disappears?


If it is the device, Request an RMA and tell them your LINK USB Dongle for the AXi Series PSUs is not working.


The hardware id for the USB LINK Dongle should be




If you want, You can try edit the .inf file with the hardware ids you have now and see if that works,


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If I unplug the device it disappears, so yes this really is the faulty device. I did try to install drivers with the modified ids in the .inf files but that didn't do anything.


I did request an RMA and got ticket number 6012611.


Thank you both for the effort.

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  • Corsair Employees

Your request has been approved and you should get an email to that effect, you will also get another email when the item ships.


One thing I have ran into if you are using Windows 8 you may have to go the USB controller manufacturer and down load the Windows 8 driver for the USB 3.0 Controller, on some MB's the internal USB 2.0 connectors will not function properly till the correct driver is installed for the USB 3.0 Controller.

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