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Yet another M90/95 M60/65 Suggestion to Corsair


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i always wondered why corsair didn't think of this.


as we all know the k95 comes in black, and the k70 comes either black/red or silver/blue.


when k90/k60 m90/m60 first came out, they all had matching colors, silver/blue


but now with the new updated vengeance line of keyboards, we don't have matching mouse.


So my suggestion is, why not make additional m95 and m65 with black metal part (in place of the silver) and use red LEDs? this would give buyers more incentive to buy both items. and more options equal more happy customers, and im sure there is a market for such color combo and a legitimate deciding factor when someone chooses a mouse (and a potential keyboard set, and vice-versa)


i currently have a k90 and m90, and am proud to have owned it since release.

im looking to a upgrade, to either k70 in black or k95, and would LOVE to see a matching mouse.


as a matter of fact i also own a pair of 1500 headset, and would love to have that metal-looking area in matching black-brushed metal, but that might just be asking too much.


what do you think?

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