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Lets talk LED colors


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I have an H80i fitted. I have the LED1 set to the Temperature LED mode.

The colors never seem to work. I have the temperatures and associated color assigned as follows:


25 - Blue

35 - Yellow

55 - Red


Even with the CPU at 70 degrees the color on the actual pump never changes to red. Instead it's a blend of somewhere between yellow and orange.


Why does this not work the way I think it's supposed to work?

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How are your fans and LED grouped?


If your fans and LED are grouped with the H80i Water Block (fans should be but LED doesn't have to), the temperature range is very narrow. Mine are set to: 27, 29, 30, 31, 33 for the fan steps because it is sensing the water temperature, which doesn't fluctuate very much.


If the LED is grouped to the CPU, then at 70C it sure should be red; unless, of course, the LEDs are hosed like so many others being reported here. That there is orange color says that the red LED is working, however.

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