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I just picked up one of these a week ago and have been playing around with the profiles and getting all my macros setup.

One problem I'm having is trying to setup keyboard+mouse clicks on a single button and I can't seem to do this?


If I try to add a keyboard press, and then add a mouse press, it erases the keyboard press. Why?


And I find it strange that you have to press this MR button just to make a multiple keyboard key macro, and you also can't insert mouse clicks into that either.


Please help me.

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Thanks for the reply, that's kind of disappointing to hear :(

I've had two other brands of gaming mice that supported scripts/macros of both keyboard and mouse inputs.


An issue I'd like to point out with the software/firmware:

I found that I can't make one key have multiple commands.

For example, I want to do the Run feature, and then add some keystrokes after that (like cmd). I understand that allowing this behaviour means that you have a lot more programming to do since there are some functions that could clash with each other, but I think it's extremely essential.

Was there any specific reason this wasn't allowed? Was it a memory limit?


I'm a programmer myself and I hate to sound rude, but I find it very strange that you guys don't support this feature, as well as scripting mouse clicks (so that I can do something like a hold-down mouse clicker).

To me, these almost essential gaming features are much needed.


Other than those software issues, this is an extremely well built mouse. I'm very happy with it physically in terms of the design; the button placement is excellent.

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The M95 should be capable of doing the example you provided (Win+R>CMD)


Press the MR Button>Click a button you want to assign it to>press Win+R>type cmd>click the MR button again, save the profile to the M95 by assigning it to a L.E.D. and enable hardware playback. The button should open up the run box and type cmd.


More information should be provided in the manuals.

Page 6 of the Quick reference guide for "Recording and assigning a macro"

Page 1 of the Quick reference guide for "Hardware playback"

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Thanks, I completely forgot about the win+r keyboard shortcut.


Out of the other things I talked about, I think it would be easiest to add in at least left, right and middle mouse clicks to macros, so that I can create clickers.

With that, I'd be pretty much 100% happy with the mouse.


Hopefully someone at corsair reads this and adds it in.

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