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500R + H110 Fan Placement


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Hello, as I understand it with the 500R, you have to mount the fans on the top of the case. Can anyone comment as to whether you can still put the mesh top panel on or are the fans too high to let you close the panel? I really don't want the hotrod look or uncovered fans on the top of my case.


If anyone has pictures of the way it looks, that would be highly appreciated.



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Just as a follow up if anyone searches for this thread.


Since Corsair won't even answer a basic question in their own tech support forums, I went else where and got an answer.


While Corsair does list the H110 as "compatible" with the 500R, the H110 can't be mounted in the 500R without modifying the holes, ie. drilling, to get the H110 to mount properly.

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