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So I bought an M60 mouse back in January and its pretty dead right now. When i plug it in only one of the LEDs turns on and the rest of the mouse is unresponsive. No buttons work the cursor does move with the mouse and windows no longer recogizes the device and tells me the device is malfunctioned. I cant do anything like flash the firmware because windows doesn't even recognize as a real thing. Tried this on several computers.


Anyways, so I got an RMA but the problem I'm having is with sending it back. I paid $40 for this from NCIX (an authorized reseller) in Toronto, Canada. The RMA is requesting that I send it back to California and recommends a tracking number and appropriate packaging. Obviously I know why they want the item back but it is going to cost me $25+ to get it back to California. That's more than 60% of the retail price, even now Canada Computers is selling it for 39.88 and NCIX will price match it.


Is there possibly a more reasonable solution? I'm not going to send it back and spend over $25 to get new unit sent back to me and possibly have to pay customs in addition to that for a model that has already FAILED on me once already. It just doesn't seem make sense that anyone would actually go through with this.


I have all the receipts, packaging, and invoices related to the purchase but I just have a problem finding and real justification for sending it back other than making corsair pay for my replacement. Either way I'd be paying close to the same amount whether my money goes to paying shipping and packaging or to getting a new mouse from the store.


Even for Corsair it makes no sense to give me a replacement mouse ($) and pay for it to be shipped to me($) so that I may experience a net benefit of $15 (difference of shipping versus cost of new store bought unit) or less (possible duties for product at the border).


Even if corsair just gave me $15 it would work out better than me having to send everything out and waiting a couple weeks for it to get there, be processed, and a new one sent out to me, when a store bought one I can return in 30 days if anything is wrong.


Hope I conveyed my logic in this matter across well and that it's easy to understand where I'm coming from. I'm not too upset about the situation but I just wanted to convey how ridiculous the proposed solution is for me from my perspective. I understand the need for Corsair to verify the product's condition and determine the acceptability of issuing a replacement but the reality for me is that there is little benefit to be had in sending it back other than making corsair take of the cost of the replacement mouse and sending it back to me. I could be a jerk and do that, but as stated even if corsair sent me a $15 gift card it would make more sense than mailing an RMA.

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Hello Cautionfire,


I've contacted customer service to send you a prepaid shipping label since this is the second replacement. You should be receiving an email from us shortly. I apologize for any inconvenience. Please let me know if you have any more questions.

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